The Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Google Analytics 4 Migration Webinar

We'll break down all the nerd stuff and give you a straightforward rundown of the upgrades, the changes, the new dashboard, and how to get your data out and really use it to make business decisions.

Download our recording to learn the 5 reasons you want GA4 for your website:

  1. Enhanced tracking: Event-based data model means you can track user behavior across multiple devices and platforms, giving you a more complete view of your audience.
  2. Future-proofing: Google is phasing out Universal Analytics. This means no new analytics!
  3. Smarter insights: Machine learning provides smarter insights and automatically analyzes your data, and identifies trends and patterns.
  4. Privacy-focused: GA4 uses an anonymous identifier instead of cookies to track users. You'll be less reliant on third-party cookies and more compliant with data privacy regulations.
  5. Better integration: GA4 integrates better with Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, and Firebase so you can track your marketing campaigns more effectively and get a more complete view of your customer journey.

Download Recording: